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08-26-2012, 09:29 PM
The way I have it in my head is that some time after ST: Nemesis (2379) the federation switched to early Sierra-like uniforms (Star Trek Countdown/Early Cryptic-STO). I also think that refits like the Excalibur and Discovery-classes were designed between 2379 and 2409 (obviously).

By 2409 we have the refined Sierra-1 design, which with most of the Sierra series I've come to think of as the primary officer-grade field uniform (I would love love love to see a modified jacket version). The Antares uniforms are more ergonomic and made for engineering or lower grade officers/crewmen. (My chief engineer wears a modified Antares.)

Starting with the Odessey there's a new wave of technology and design, introduced in 2409. (Everything else we'd been playing with to that point was older technology created in the past thirty years.) Newer ships like the Odessey, Exeter, Venture, and so on are the way modern Starfleet is headed. Along with these new technologies we have new uniforms.

I believe the Jupiter-Veteran unlocks are the new standard for Officer uniforms, slowly being phased in startin with the Enterprise-F and other Odessey ship crews. The other Jupiter uniforms are also the new standard as well for varying assignments and duties.

I'll update this post tomorrow with some screenshots of what I consider to be "2409 Starfleet-standard".