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Originally Posted by ericsonxx View Post
Gah, so, what are some other good sci debuffs? I already have GW 3, so, maybe, Tyken Rift?
I have a sci and run GW 3 and Tyken's 2 usually, but after reading reginamala's results I'm having second thoughts. It sounds like it would be more effective to run the highest Target Shields Subsystem you can instead of using any sci powers to strip shields.

To be honest I've been having trouble finding a setup I like with my sci. My DPS is low and most sci powers have questionable effects (except GW - it's a great CC ability, damage aside). I leveled my sci before F2P and I don't recall my sci powers sucking that bad. Now I find myself relegated to corralling up ships in Fleet Actions with GW and hoping my phased tetryons proc. Very boring. I tried a cannon/turret sci ship build, I tried an MVAM, and I was seriously thinking about a Sci or Tac Odyssey. But everything seemed 'meh'. It's like I wasn't really good at anything. Now I know why.

Seems the best sci debuffs are our captain abilities.
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