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Here's some more:

Plot Armor Plating:

Universal console, only one can be equipped at a time, 50% to all damage resistance, also the less hull strength you have, the more hull resistance you gain. as you regain hull, this extra resistance goes away.

Plot Resilient Shield Array:

10% absorption, no bleedthrough, 10,000 base strength. The less total strength a shield facing has, the more resistance it gains to all damage.

Plot Deflector Array:

Gives +25 to all stats that deflectors can give, but gives 50 to threat control. Doubles the effect(s) of all deflector-based abilities.

Plot Engines:

Plot device space set:

Two-piece bonus: Plot ship repair: automatically repairs any and all minor and major injuries to your ship, with a small chance of sometimes repairs a critical injury. Enhances the effects of any hull repair ability and improves natural hull repair as well.

Three-piece bonus: Plot crew: Doubles crew disable/death resistance, along with doubling crew recovery.

Four-piece bonus: Deus ex Machina: Ability, 5 minute cooldown, copies the effect of any power in the game (captain power, BOFF ability, etc). If no ability is chosen, then this will act as a 'Miracle Worker', but not quite as strong.

Plot space weapons: Cause the same damage as Mk XII DMG x3 weapons of any kind (cannons, torpedoes, mines, beams, etc), but with 25% bonus accuracy, and double the proc chance.

Also, if the ship is only equipped with 'Plot' items, including all plot weapons, then ALL stats on the ship are doubled, including stats on the Plot equipment.

Plot Ground Armor:

75% resistance to all damage. Has a small chance to totally negate damage from a killing blow once every 5 minutes.

Plot PSG:

25% resistance to all damage, only allows 25% kinetic bleedthrough, and has a base strength of 500. Once in awhile, will instantly refill and gain a brief bit of extra resistance if your character has less than one third of their remaining HP left.

Plot weapon:

Does 100 phaser (or disruptor) energy damage per shot (before buffs and skill increases), ignores 50% of all resistances when fired.

Plot device ground set:

Two-piece bonus: Plot character armor: Adds 10% more resistance to armor and shields, and dodging abillities dodge much more damage than before, along becoming immune to flanking damage.

Three-piece bonus: Perfect shot: Ability, for 15 seconds causes any damage or damage-dealing abilities to do 25% more damage, with a doubled chance to critical hit, along with doing 50% more flanking damage as well.

Genesis Device: Torpedo-type weapon, 5 minute cooldown. Launches a targettable 'Genesis Device' torpedo, which if it hits, starts a 4 minute timer on the enemy ship. After four minutes, causes level 51 Genesis Wave to expand 10 KM in all directions from that ship, causing 100,000 Genesis-radiation damage to all ships (friend or foe). It ignores shields on the targeted ship, but doesn't ignore shields on any other ship.