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08-27-2012, 08:21 AM
It's not about self-interest.

The OP is phrased as a personal narrative but what it describes is impossible for reasons that have already been fully explained which is that FCs are the product of a grind and it is therefore impossible to spawn tens of thousands of doffs out of thin air.

In fact, even if FCs were a non-issue, the sheer manual difficulty of working with such vast numbers of doffs, that must be purchased and opened one by one, plus the caps on XC listings and doff roster, would make such an endeavor impossibly time-consuming.

If Dio's criticism were legitimate it would be either truthful or at least a lie consistent with some rational self-interest.

What he describes is fiction. And the only apparent reason for said fiction is to back up PWE's decision to bork the system to encourage people to buy more Zpoints and doffpacks.

Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
Another real example of system breaking issues in this thread, where the OP says "I only bought 500 Fleet DOFFs".
500 fleet doffs is greater than the entire max size roster and grinds out to a little under four (yes, four) purple officers.

Conversely, it's easy enough to produce 500 white doffs from twenty purple doffs, which are guranteed from the Tholian packs. In fact it is easier to do so because given the roster cap and dil cost, and the consequent fact that breaking is always dil-positive and grinding is always dil-negative, it is much easier to break than grind in such vast numbers.

What this guy is doing here is establishing a red herring: that the purchase of 500 fleet doffs is somehow overpowered when in reality it is extremely underpowered compared to other options available to players.

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