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08-27-2012, 07:40 AM
Set wise replace the omega deflector and engines with Borg and replace the shield with a MACO. The Omega shield is worthless, the omega 3-piece set bonus is nigh useless and the tetryon glider doesn't really give you that much of an advantage. To be honest, the Borg set is the only one with a worthwhile set bonus, but that's because it is rather overpowered.

For STFs I'd recommend ditching the APO for APB, as it debuffs the targets resistance increasing your teams damage when focusing on that target.

For PvP though stick with APO.

I'd replace the polarize hull with transfer shield strength, maybe even swapping positions with hazard emitters. Probably a good idea to also replace Aux2SIF1 with RSP1 so you can resist tactical cube fire.

Other then that though it pretty good for both STF and PvP (aslong as you change the sets, especially the shields)
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