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Originally Posted by burstdragon323 View Post
From what I understand the devs are looking into alternatives for selecting fleet and retrofit ships for the KDF. So I'd like to request the K'Tanco BC. It was my favorite ship back when the KDF was at a lower starting level, and I would love to fly her again.
A GREAT lookin ship, but as far as I can tell if you want an updated version it's gonna cost you- 3000 zen. More if you want consoles but I'll assume you've got a few c-store ships you can pillage.

Fleet K'tinga (2k zen) + K'Tanco skin (1000 zen c-store Koro'Tingao)

Psssst, I'm already saving for one, but will prolly wait for account bind of fleet ship, or c-store equiv.
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You're gonna upgrade my Chel Grett for FREE but charge me $30 to upgrade my Kamarag ?

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