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Originally Posted by aestu View Post
1. 100 doffs =/= 10k+ doffs
2. FMs are necessary and require player time input
3. 100 white doffs are equivalent to less than four purple doffs and selling the more desirable commons will cover the cost of the initial investment
4. 100 doffs costs 50,000 FC and given the nominal cost of FC there is no way to make a net profit on that transaction (as opposed to #3)
5. 1000 doffs is at least twice the max roster (closer to 3-4 times with even marginal roster usage) so your claim this requires an xwarp only "once per day" is a blatant falsehood.

If in the case of #5 you are assuming division and specialization of labor, with, say, six doffers each producing 150 doffs a day (on one xwarp, with 250/400 base roster size), and six more FAers producing fleet marks, you are describing a medium sized guild whose members are spending about an hour a day, every day, playing this game, and given spawn rates on security and engineering doffs (sub-10%) they are probably not even producing enough doffs to keep projects continually queued.

The model you outline also assumes that the doffers are allowed a monopoly on cheap FCs so they can keep buying doffs to feed back into the system. Even if all other issues with the scenario you outline were waived, the fleet would still have to deal with the exorbitant Dil cost of maintaining the pacing you describe.

The issues you describe could be understood only as issues if the intent were to make the game so insanely grindy that small/medium fleets would have to either play more than one hour a day per member or spend several days or more per project. Your argument is not cogent and can be understood only as PWE apologism.
If you read carefully the opening post, you'll see that there is no need to farm to get these 10k doffs. We already have the ressources, and our starbase isn't even T2! 10k doffs will clearly be enough for T3 and a part of T4, considering the amount of doffs T3 assignments require. So we only need to play a few more minutes, maybe a starbase incursion, a colony invasion and a STF or two for some dil, and the road to T5 is widely open. Our small 10 active player fleet will match the biggest fleets in game without ANY effort or challenge.

This fleet doff system can also be replaced by a 'instant starbase upgrade' option, that would make no difference. And I know you're defending the fleet doff system because you know it and that's what you want.

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