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08-27-2012, 09:30 AM
I liked that episode of TNG, and was always interested in the concept of a Dyson Sphere.
However, there's a bunch of mechanical things I don't quite grasp with them.

There are no polar caps as everything is evenly heated. There's no day/night unless you put in some artificial shield that shades half the sphere at a time. The Sun never moves in the sky, so it's perpetually noon everywhere, unless the shade makes it dark. If you don't have gravity generators all over, and are using the centripetal force of the sphere's rotation to provide artificial gravity, then your gravity is entirely variable by latitude, with gravity being highest at the equator, and nearly 0 g at the poles. Plus, gravity wouldn't be perpendicular to the sphere, but would be directional, so from the equator to each pole would be like climbing mountains?

Still intriguing. I'd love to try and build something approximating that in game. Though it would have it's own set of difficulties.
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