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Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
When I was doing STF elite missions, I rarely died. I could even take on a cube on my own.
And it's entirely possible to do that in a BoP, if you're using an engineering toon and have the BoP focused more on 'tanking' abilities. You're sacrificing sheer firepower for that, though, and the BoP already has enough trouble competing on the DPS side of things compared to the nearest Fed equivalent, the Defiant and the other escorts. I run a Tactical toon in a Hegh'ta, and I've got 2 Tac Team 1s and an RSP 1, along with EPtS1 and HE1 and 2. That usually gives me enough crunchiness to survive most fights against NPCs, but I have trouble with STF cubes simply because they hit pretty hard, have a tendency to one-shot you, and drain your shields after you've used your Hazard Emitters to fend off a previous shield drain attempt.

That being said, the BoP is a versatile class due to the Universal boff slots, but it definitely suffers from limitations due to the overall fragility of the class, only 3 tac consoles on Hegh'ta and B'rel retro, etc.