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08-27-2012, 10:10 AM
Yeah, slight modification to your suggestion.

I had the idea that if you want to increase subscriber numbers, use the Vet rewards system/gold system as a motivator.

1) Crafting is dead with dilithium, if you sub, and as long as your are subbed, crafting no longer requires dilithium. This will encourage subscriber growth AND crafting.

2)Create Veteran milestones that are significant. Have the system reward more for paying into it more.

3) Have Gold members C-store prices be discounted, the same as the discount that shows up every now and then. (Not stackable btw.) So, either get what you want when you want, or wait for the sale.

being gold, should be marketed as, a series of things that are matters of convenience. meaning "Because I am gold, there are many conveniences that I have that silvers do not or have to wait for."

City of Heroes went F2P but they are being very successful at it, WHY? Because while they are a F2P game, they still desire a steady stream of cash from their Subbers, which get all sorts of perks, plus their in game store is not filled with greedy grab bag mechanics and IS full of pretty much anything they can sell, Costumes, Powers, etc.

In this game, that would translate into Uniforms, Ships, Consumables, etc.

The fact is their IS a way to be F2P and not be greedy and money grubbing. There IS a smart way to do this, the problem is Cryptic chooses not to do this. I don't know WHY they choose to do this.

Now I know we could blame PWE on this, but the fact is they just want their money, they don't really care HOW it's done. So in that Cryptic can be a bit inventive.

Personally i don't know WHY they even HAVE lockboxes, and just put the ships in those boxes into the C-store, they would make WAY more money, instead of a few people getting them on the cheap, and the vast majority "donating money" $1 at a time, come on please.

I mean does Cryptic realize they have like 10 or so new ships in this game, but you wouldn't know it because they are locked up in those stupid lock boxes. The irony is the game is actually being developed but the new content is locked behind a pay/lottery wall. It's stupid.