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Originally Posted by agentexeider View Post
1) Crafting is dead with dilithium, if you sub, and as long as your are subbed, crafting no longer requires dilithium. This will encourage subscriber growth AND crafting.
Crafting is not dead due to Dilithium costs. Crafting is dead for 2 reasons:

1: You quickly out-level anything you Craft that isn't Mk XII, meaning there's no reason to Craft it.

2: The vast majority of items you Craft are not as good as the items you earn simply by playing.

For Crafting to be meaningful they need to slow down progression and let you Craft things that are as good as the various end-game gear. Dilithium has nothing to do with either of those things.

2)Create Veteran milestones that are significant. Have the system reward more for paying into it more.
How meaningful something is to an individual is subjective. For example, to one player getting extra Character Slots can be meaningful. To another, who only ever plans on playing 1 character in the game, they are worthless.

3) Have Gold members C-store prices be discounted, the same as the discount that shows up every now and then. (Not stackable btw.) So, either get what you want when you want, or wait for the sale.
Gold members get a Stipend, which is effectively a discount - as your 500 decreases the cost of how much you spent in a month.

City of Heroes went F2P but they are being very successful at it, WHY?
Not to put a big point on this but you have no way of knowing how successful CoH is. For all you know they could be 1 month away from closing.

Now I know we could blame PWE on this, but the fact is they just want their money, they don't really care HOW it's done. So in that Cryptic can be a bit inventive.
One small addendum here. PW is a publicly traded corporation. The people who "want their money" are the shareholders, like me. PW made $162 million last year with its 14 games. $156 million of that was paid to its shareholders via dividends - I earned over $3.00 per share last year. PWRD has 50 million shares in circulation, and the people who own those shares want to make money from them.