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Originally Posted by skhc View Post
Shinzon's Scimitar

Fore Weapons: 8
Aft Weapons: 8
Shield Modifier: 2.5
Base Hull: 80,000
Turn Rate: 9
Devices: Irrelevant
Crew: Irrelevant
BOffs: Commander Universal, Commander Universal, Commander Universal, Commander Universal
Consoles: 6 / 6 / 6
Can Fire Any Weapon While Cloaked
Cannot be detected whilst in Cloak
Thaloron Weapon with such a long activation time that it's actually useless against non-crippled ships, but can eradicate planets.

I think that's a fair representation of it, don't you?
Nah, you missed the 52 pulse disruptor cannons and 27 torpedo launchers

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