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See that's something I do not believe. Pre-F2P the main carriers (2-hangar) did launch a lot more wings per hangar than they do now (if memory serves me right one could have 4 wings per hangar out) while the flight deck cruisers were limited to 2 deployed wings so there is a means of limiting how many wings deployed total per ship rather than per hangar as a universal. The amount launched by the main carriers was reduced because of lag / FPS issues FYI.

Flight deck cruiser only have 1 bay in which to slot a hangar. So if pre F2P the Vo'Quv was able to launch 4 wings, 2 from each bay, then because a flight deck cruiser half of the available bays it makes sense that it could only launch two wings and not 4... but thats going from 2 bays to 1 bay. Going up from 2 bays to 4 bays will allow an increase in the number of pets that a carrier can launch, because the slots dont limit anything but the actual number of hangar items that can be slotted. The hangar pets themselves are the thing that limits it, and thats why the all say something about how many wings are supported at any given time.

It doesnt matter why it was reduced in the first place... but they made changes to the actual pet items to do it, and not the carriers themselves.