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08-27-2012, 01:13 PM
One small addendum here. PW is a publicly traded corporation. The people who "want their money" are the shareholders, like me. PW made $162 million last year with its 14 games. $156 million of that was paid to its shareholders via dividends
uhh are you trying to say that their net income in the end was $6 million? for a company bringing in $162 million that doesn't exactly fill me with confidence. that shows they are almost entirely relying on investor funding and are making little themselves. when you factor in operating expenses, payroll, legal fees and all the stuff a company has to pay for, that doesn't leave a whole lot for developmenet purposes. Then add the fact their development budget is stretched between several games....

that doesn't paint a good picture for PWE overall

and keep in mind its the customers a company untimately answers to, not the shareholders. because its the customers that provide your income. few customers = low income = angry shareholders = loss of investments. a companies job is to keep its customers happy first.