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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
If you read carefully the opening post, you'll see that there is no need to farm to get these 10k doffs. We already have the ressources, and our starbase isn't even T2! 10k doffs will clearly be enough for T3 and a part of T4, considering the amount of doffs T3 assignments require. So we only need to play a few more minutes, maybe a starbase incursion, a colony invasion and a STF or two for some dil, and the road to T5 is widely open. Our small 10 active player fleet will match the biggest fleets in game without ANY effort or challenge.

This fleet doff system can also be replaced by a 'instant starbase upgrade' option, that would make no difference. And I know you're defending the fleet doff system because you know it and that's what you want.
You are trying to derail the thread by strawmaning and being deliberately offensive because it is extremely clear that I as a player am motivated largely by challenge and that is why I am a completionist and seek and do the most difficult content.

You cited the 10k figure, not I. You're arguing in circles by making allegations then claiming your own allegations are irrelevant. How the heck do you store 10k doffs, anyway? For that matter, what are you going to do with them all now that they're useless?

A "SB incursion, colony invasion and STF or two" are....way more than a few more minutes. Like, about 90m. I can't imagine what normal person or what sort of schedule said person would have to say 90m a day is "a few minutes". Especially given that given the overall quality and prominence and general pacing of STO it is the main amusement for very few people.

Never mind that all those activities you describe wouldn't provide anywhere near the volume of dil you'd need for 12 players to reach T3 in this short timeframe. Either your 12-man group is farming on multiple chars for long periods each day or spending very large amounts of cash.

In short, no legitimate player would say the things you're saying because your assertions about time and resources are unreal and at odds with the game experience.

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