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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
If you read carefully the opening post, you'll see that there is no need to farm to get these 10k doffs. We already have the ressources, and our starbase isn't even T2! 10k doffs will clearly be enough for T3 and a part of T4, considering the amount of doffs T3 assignments require. So we only need to play a few more minutes, maybe a starbase incursion, a colony invasion and a STF or two for some dil, and the road to T5 is widely open. Our small 10 active player fleet will match the biggest fleets in game without ANY effort or challenge.

This fleet doff system can also be replaced by a 'instant starbase upgrade' option, that would make no difference. And I know you're defending the fleet doff system because you know it and that's what you want.
Your model is seriously flawed though. There is no perpetual motion of Starbase progression from solely "grinding" Fleet DOFFs. The 10k doffs may very well get you through Tier 2 but you need a suite of other inputs that you are missing. The method of attempting this garners a severe resource loss. That in itself should illustrate to you there is no exploit.

Let's take your 10,000 common DOFFs and look at how you could have arrived at obtaining them.

10,000 Common DOFFs = 5,000,000 Fleect Credits (500*10,000)
  • If you burned them all for dilithium you would get:
  • 750,000 dilithium (10,000 * 75) and 100,000 CXP.
  • 750,000 FCs from Dilithium after 93.75 refinement days/character
  • 750 -1,000 Fleet Marks from CXP after 80 hours of DOFF
  • Those Fleet Marks give you = 37,500-50,000 FCs
  • Total FC are 787,500 - 800,000
  • You can repurchase 1,575-1,600 Fleet DOFFs
  • 83.0% - 84.3% loss in resources.

That means on the next cycle you could buy 1,575 - 1600 DOFFs

If you "laundered" them Converting to green then back-converting the situation is slightly worse:
  • Upconvert them to Uncommons:
  • -20,000 dilithium + 2,000 Uncommon DOFFs + 50,000 CXP
  • Turning them back to commons you get: 6,000 Common DOFFs + 100,000 CXP
  • Burning them for dilithium = 450,000 dilithium at 56.25 refinement days/character
  • This gives you 450,000 - 20,000 = 430,000 FCs
  • 150,000 CXP = 1,125-1,500 Fleet Marks from CXP after 120 hours of DOFF Missions
  • Those Fleet Marks give you =56,250-75000 FCs
  • Total FC are 486,250 - 505,000
  • You can purchase 972-1,010 Fleet DOFFs
  • 89.9% - 90.3% loss in resources.

Here are the main points where your argument falls apart:
  • You need to get the inputs somewhere to obtain the original 5,000,000 Fleet Credits
  • You suffer a drastic time penalty with both Dilithium Refinement (on the order of months) and DOFF CXP-FM missions (on the order of a week or two).
  • You suffer a drastic loss in resources 94.0% - 90.3%
  • Thus, the second iteration of the cycle will occur months away (Dilithium Refinement) and result in even less resources.
  • The process with peter out after three cycles
  • You will need to work hard in game again to accrue another 5,000,000 FCs
  • You are not accounting for the sometimes doubling or triple of resource inputs for each increasing Tier of starbase projects

Either way, the use of Fleet DOFFs could supplement the Fleet Starbase System, but farming them alone cannot break or send the system into a state of perpetual motion.

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