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Originally Posted by supergaminggeek View Post
Ground: Sweeping Strikes. We can already melee, dammit!
Space: Photonic Fleet. Nothing but fake ships.
Sweeping strikes is the most powerful melee move you can use. You're far more damaging with it with NO WEAPON equipped than with the most damaging sword/bat'leth.

Its so good because it can be spammed since it has no timer, is 360 aoe and can knock back targets.

Photonic fleet increases in effectiveness based on capt. skills. Read the description of it and you'll see.

Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
Photonic Fleet is nice to get a little bit of extra DPS, and to screw with carriers. Abandon ship is a good "I'M TAKING YOU WITH ME PUNK!!!" ability (keybinds help with this one).

Beam Overload however, has no... practical... use... at... all.
I agree with abandon ship. For me its pointless because most deaths are so fast there just isnt time to react. If I could not click a heal fast enough how can I click abandon ship fast enough?

Beam Overload is a VERY good ability. Perhaps one of the most powerful available. Hint: You combine it with another set ability and with a certain ship setup and its just brutal.

Personally the most useless ability in my opinion is directed energy modulation.

Yes, it is good on paper but in practical use its just silly. The bleedthrough damage is so small that normal ship crew repair under combat fixes the damage...and PVE npc's have SO MUCH hull that its like trying to cut through a solid lead pole with a kitchen knife.