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08-27-2012, 04:48 PM

Once you get your base gear from normals and start elites, you may want to switch the abilities to single target ones.

deflector and console borg, engine and shield khg are a good mix of abilities from both sets. decent heals, placates, added torp damage, etc. 3pc borg and just khg shield would be the greatest heals and keeps the placates and target drop.

sometimes i run full sets just because i feel stubborn. but thats me.

greater than five k from the target doesn't mean ineffective. it means less effective than if you were at three k.

it doesn't make beams better. it makes them different. it makes the entire ship load out different.

cannon ships will be pointing at the target, spewing cannon fire and torpedoes at the target, and laying a mine field to destroy any npcs that get close, or to add punishment when working on gates etc.

there's a lot more to consider than just the effectiveness of cannon fire at ranges over five k.

and. for example. lets say the target is immobile. move closer. not hard. and the targets that do move. be in front of them. the range will decrease, ur damage will climb and climb, and if need be they hit ur minefield. profit.

cheers happy flying.

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