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Originally Posted by maarkean View Post
I don't think this works quite as well as the OP suggests. I ran a sample and got the following results.

I purchased 50 Common DOFFs from the Fleet vendor. Cost 25,000 Fleet Credits
I converted those 50 Common DOFF's to 10 Green Doffs, Resulting 250 Recruiting CXP.
I then downgraded those 10 Greens into 30 Commons, Resulting in 150 Recruiting CXP
I will eventually contribute those 30 commons to the Starbase for 3750 Fleet Credits

Net Gains:
Recruitment CXP: 400
Fleet Credits: -21,250

At that exchange rate, I need to spend 531,250 Fleet Credits to get 10,000 Recruitment CXP


531,250 Fleet Credits = 10,000 Recruitment CXP = 75 Fleet Marks = 750 White DOFF's
The point of this thread is that you got 30 common doffs without any effort or challenge, without doffing; you spent a useless and almost unlimited ressource (unlimited if you play smart). 30 doffs are a week at starfleet academy or 10 minutes and a lot of clicks and waiting time of doffing for a doffer, after several months of upgrades to your roster. You made them out of nothing, this isn't good for the balances in this game.