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08-27-2012, 06:55 PM
What happened is not cause I was sitting still or anything. Last time I was moving to the target as always. I was dead before right after the 2nd hit, and my shields was at full. The first hit was the laser hit, then came a torpedo spread or a torpedo. Then my ship went boom. The second time, was I just killed 3 bird of preys, then the warbird decloaked to start the next part of the mission. It fired lasers into my stern, I just hit rear phasers, and started to turn. Then a volley of torpedoes came and boom I was gone. At that one my shields was almost full, and my crew meter was about 1/4th down. So I was in good shape on that one as well. As I pulled out of combat with far less than that and still came out alive.

There is a issue on the torpedoes. And I don't play the elite at this time. So the level of difficulty is not the answer on being one shotted. Cause after my death from it, I come back and take them out after I get fully healed up.