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Originally Posted by alchemistid View Post
Hell, I'm still waiting for the Probert design for the Galaxy Class!
(Why, oh why does every game that features the Galaxy base the ingame model on the ugly four foot model?! *shakes head*)

The Probert version will probably be a C-Store variant. It's console should summon a Tactical hologram of Tasha Yar. Like a beefed up version of Tactical Team that cools down for five minutes afterwards...

...Or prank calls Sela whenever activated. I'd pay for either, really.
What the hell are you talking about? Andrew Probert designed the Galaxy Class, inside and out. If you don't like the 4 foot model, then you don't like what he designed. He designed almost all the ships in TNG from Fed ships, Klingon ships, to Romulan Warbirds.