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Probert is the one who designed the Galaxy class for The Next Generation.

I meant that the STO version of the Galaxy is based around the far less good looking 4-foot filming model of the Galaxy-Class, which looks a world different from the 6-footer they used in the early seasons. That model was far more closely based upon Probert's concept art, and looked significantly sleeker and more advanced.

Come season 4 of TNG they traded the 6 footer's looks for the 4 footer's practicality, as the smaller model was easier to film. However, when viewed next to the 6 footer the differences are striking. They actually went back to using the 6 footer for Star Trek: Generations, as it was far better looking and actually translated to the big screen incredibly well.
(Go to trekcore and look at the TNG season 1 blueray screencaps and you'll see what I mean.)

The joke is (well, was) that people are wishing more for the sleeker, better looking Ambassador concept that Probert had sketched, rather than the more practical design they went with for the filming model seen in "Yesterday's Enterprise" and onward. And that we Galaxy fans have been waiting for the same thing for a long time.
What you want is a more refined look for the Galaxy and other canon ships. Of cours the 6 foot model look different and smoother from 4 foot model because you get in closer view to 6 footer than the 4 footer. As Paramount's budget got leaner they started using smaller model because it was cheap to replace them after doing battle damage to them. Remember, "Cause and effect?" Imagine how many 4 foot models they went through just to show the Enterprise blowing up different ways. That would be quite expensive and hazardous to do the same thing with a 6 foot model.

Many of us want the game's version to look more real, but it should have been quit obvious to you by now that a lot of Cryptic Dev ship designers are still amature at this. If you zoom in real close to your ship you will see a big flaw. If you use window styles, 3 or 4, you will notice that the widows are not on the skin of the ship. They float off the skin of ship and window style 4 is the worst with this. Also, if you notice the the Galaxy bridge module is too flattened and low profile in the game versus how it looks in the flyby on the starting credits of TNG. The Galaxy X has a torpedo pod above Shuttlebay 1 and behind the bridge. The game has it snug and so low profile that it can't safely fire torpedos without hitting the bridge.

The only thing we can ask from the devs is reifine the lookes of the ships as the seasons progress, make the ships look more canon.