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Originally Posted by eurialo View Post
first of all you can stay safe on the side of the gate at 6.5km, however the damage of energy weapons depend on the distance and if you have no time you have to stay closer... but a good build is difficult to "one shot".
Yours is a bit of a false dichotomy. Staying out of harm's way from the gate does not equal not being close to your enemies. A typical if not noobish, then somewhat awkward thing to do is to fly straight up the left cube (coming from the center), so that you are positioned somewhere between facing the left cube and the gate. Too close to the gate means you're now taking unnecessary damage from it; and if the incoming is too much (like its shield drain), you will have to reposition yourself, after all. Especially since you're already tackling an angry cube.

again... often if you do not want to fail the optional you can't waste time... you must have a good build, and you must be a good player using it and learn to face the gate too.
Exactly, you can't waste time. Like when going over to the right cube and flying too close the gate: it will hit you, thus dropping you out of full impulse (at the very least); it will also lead to you arriving at the right cube already having taken plenty damage -- thus enhancing your chances to die. Life is Victory -- death is delay.

Hence, the advice given was good: try and stay clear from the gate if you can (except when killing it, of course).

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