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08-27-2012, 07:28 PM
Galor: while this one uses HYT3 Photons, those are NOT what's killing you. They're harmless. What is: Galors pack Feefback Pulse III, and that one can easily chew 30+% off a BoP if you don't stop shooting at it, and right through shields. Easily visible as blue sparks running back to your ship, and nothing your Hazard Emitters can't cope with. You ARE running some HE, aren't you?

Chel Grett: yeah, this time it's actual torpedos. HYT3 Transphasics. They take about 10-15% off your hull per volley if you're in a BoP or other squishy, but again, really nothing your HE can't cope with, and easily avoidable by attacking from the side.

D'deridex: this one's actually a bit unfair, I have to agree. But it's intentional, and AFAIK has alway been like this: The D'deridex can shoot a combination TS2 + HYT3 Plasma torpedo. Yes, Spread and High Yield at the same time, with damage boni from both. That is actually SUPPOSED to kill you unless you're killing the torps - though with TT + EPtS + TSS you can actually tank it, even in a BoP. It still hurts, though. And: they can shoot that combo sideways.
But ... c'mon, they're the Romulan's Battleships. They're supposed to be dangerous. And they are. Tractor Beam and Viral Matrix give them ample opportunity to wreak havoc when your defenses are down - don't get caught.
Against these, the only thing that really helps is preparation: shut the down before they can shut you down, or bring Polarize Hull, an AoE, and avoid their frontal arc so it can't use the VM. Once you get used to them, they stop being dangerous.

All of them are manageable. Some of them are difficult if you don't understand what they're doing, and the D'deridex will kill you if you screw up and react too late, but that's actually fine in my book.