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Originally Posted by sgtciscoinsa View Post
In mho its crap. Its fun to r un around and annoy people but good lu ck on actually killing anything. And in die often. I love the idea of the ship..but its so narrow in its role its hard to be effective.
LOL, "so narrow in its role its hard to be effective" with the most flexible ship in the entire game? 3x3x3 consoles, total universal BOFF layout (at a cost of fewer total BOFF slots than normal ships).

I've been able to kill players in alpha strikes with my B'Rel torpedo boat. Not hardly an "annoyance" when one of the ships of your team suddenly blows up from a hail of torpedoes and getting finished off by a Bio-Neural Warhead, and if that didn't kill them, hopefully the Tricobalt Mine will. Then I zip right on by and dip back into cloak after 3 seconds of my last torpedo firing.

In STFs, the rules to surviving in a BOP are the same as any other Escort. You can still dish out alot of hurt with it, and in a B'Rel torpedo boat build, your torps will rip apart alot of Borg NPCs and structures.

The B'Rel like other BOPs share the same strengths and vulnerabilities. Flexibility, weaker hulls than Escorts, weaker shields, best handling, Battle Cloaks (or Enhanced Battle Cloaks with the B'Rel).

Like other BOPs, the B'Rel needs an experienced hand to build it up, outfit it, and come up with a useful BOFF layout, and of course, fly it. The weak shields and hull are not receptive to novices in STFs and PVP.