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My point is if you build a torpedo boat, which is why you have a brel...then its interesting to see how much dps you will do on average...the timing has to be near perfect..i do nt see them in pvp...i tried mine in stfs.....its sucked..i dont claim to be the best..but please send a tell to @cptcisco for me and show me in a pvp or stf how well you do. Other than some well timed videos in youtube I just havent seen it.
I don't make videos for anyone.

There is however a thread about B'Rel torpedo boats.

I will say this though. It takes alot more practice to get the feel and style right of a B'Rel torpedo boat than anything else in the game. You are flying around 100% cloaked (if possible), no shields, exposed hull. It's the very definition of a Hammer armored with eggshells.

When I first started experimenting and trying the torpedo boat out in PVP, it was very underwhelming. But I kept at it, tweaking my layout, refining my strikes, as well as timing them. You will be rewarded with a playstyle that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the game, to include even other BOPs.

Again, the style isn't for everyone, but I keep one of my KDF toons with a B'Rel Torpedo Boat.

Also with the B'Rel, you can still arm it traditionally (Energy Weapons + Torp, or all Energy Weapons), and still be effective.

As long as you realize the limitations of the BOP and play with that in mind, then you can do alot of things. Certain specialist ships will of course be better in a given function they are designed and laid out for. But the B'Rel, like other BOPs, let you change your setup whenever it suits you. If you want to play a traditional TAC BOP, so be it. If you want to play a SCI heavy BOP, so be it. You aren't locked out due to the 3x3x3 consoles and total Universal BOFF stations.