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08-27-2012, 09:50 PM
Overpowered weaponry? Hmm...

Hull Mounted Fusion Cannon

Cannon (damage type uknown)
Energy Damage

Firing Mode 1 (normal)
45 degree targetting arc
18,000 damage per strike

To Self: -20 weapon power if firing other weapons

To Target: .0001% chance of complete obliteration upon critical hit, damage to targets directly behind main target.

Firing Mode 2 (interdimensonally linked to black hole)
45 degree arc

Damage to target too much to calculate

To Targets: complete obliteration to the end of the current map from front of cannon (within firing arc) and will set respawn counters for all PC targets at 31,536,000 seconds

To Self: Firing in this mode will render the firing ship shieldless and with only 1 hullpoint as well as disabling impulse engine drive for 31,536,000 seconds. Player will be unable to change ships during that time.

*note: this weapon can only be equipped on the Megatron Class Klingon Dreadnaught

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