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08-27-2012, 09:02 PM
I have a sci build in a Hegh'ta BOP as well. I have it laid out rather differently after MANY iterations of trial and error.

For science, just to start, I have 3 mk XI rare or very rare particle generators. I also have particle generator maxed in my skill points. Then I tried to stick with the skills that used particle generator more than graviton generator. Further, I ride with my AUX skill set high, and I try to trip "emergency power to aux" before setting off one of my sci skills.

You have to really think it out to maximize your sci skills.

I think I've got a pretty darned well thought out build. At first I was super squishy and couldn't even tank a borg sphere on normal. Now I can tank 2 of them. My DPS isn't the best because I have sacrificed TAC skills for SCI skills, but I live much longer and can keep whittling away at them. Because I have less TAC skills I have removed torpedoes from my build. It is all cannons/turrets. This lets me use cannon skills exclusively, without needing to waste a slot on high yield or torp spread.

This is for PvE. I understand that PvP benefits from different skills than mine, and your consoles/skill points may be better suited elsewhere. I just think PvP is really weak/lame in this game and don't like it at all. I do PvE, so I tailor my build to that. Your milage may vary.