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npcs have a flat and huge damage modifier because they only come with basically a fore and aft beam and torpedo. as apposed to player ships that can run up to 4 weapons each fore and aft. that flat modifier buffs that 1 or 2 beams the npcs have to act like 4 or 6 player beams, but that modifier is also applied to the torpedo too, so its like each torpedo hits like 3 or 4 player torpedoes. thats the flaw, players don't run 6 to 8 beams and 4 torpedoes at the same time, they run like a single torp, if ever. the torpedoes npcs fire should not get the same modifier the energy weapons do. but npcs basically nead a rebuild from the ground up anyway, that would just be a band aid. currently those torps are only really killer on elite, and their what makes elite a pain in the ass as apposed to hard. getting 1 shot by npcs using THY does not add to the challenge, it just makes it less fun.
I have never considered that before. But as someone whose Hegh'ta was nuked by a single 24,500k damage photon torpedo from Elite Donatra and watches single disruptor bolts hit with thousands of shield and hull damage when kiting makes a disturbing amount of sense.

I am of the opinion that the system governing NPCs and their damage calc is no simple fix. Nothing seems to be a simple fix. Everything I have seen in Cryptic's reticence to overhaul aspects of their system makes me think the background code is as needlessly complicated as a Rube Goldberg machine. Figuring out how to retool this might be like unraveling a ball of fishing wire. Q knows when some, if any, sort of retooling might come to pass.

But if this really is the case, then there's something to blame the damage on at least.

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