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Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
I have a sci build in a Hegh'ta BOP as well. I have it laid out rather differently after MANY iterations of trial and error.

For science, just to start, I have 3 mk XI rare or very rare particle generators. I also have particle generator maxed in my skill points. Then I tried to stick with the skills that used particle generator more than graviton generator. Further, I ride with my AUX skill set high, and I try to trip "emergency power to aux" before setting off one of my sci skills.

You have to really think it out to maximize your sci skills.

I think I've got a pretty darned well thought out build. At first I was super squishy and couldn't even tank a borg sphere on normal. Now I can tank 2 of them. My DPS isn't the best because I have sacrificed TAC skills for SCI skills, but I live much longer and can keep whittling away at them. Because I have less TAC skills I have removed torpedoes from my build. It is all cannons/turrets. This lets me use cannon skills exclusively, without needing to waste a slot on high yield or torp spread.

This is for PvE. I understand that PvP benefits from different skills than mine, and your consoles/skill points may be better suited elsewhere. I just think PvP is really weak/lame in this game and don't like it at all. I do PvE, so I tailor my build to that. Your milage may vary.
Pretty much this. It IS entirely possible to tank in a BoP, thanks to the universal slots. You just have to sacrifice tactical mobility and firepower in exchange for tanking. . .and I personally don't like doing that in BoPs, because they're already struggling hard enough as it is to match the fed escorts in firepower and tactical effectiveness. Would've been nice if we had gotten a fleet BoP that combined both the 4th tac console and a 2nd LTC boff (to make it commander, 2x LTC, and a LT), basically combining the Hoh'sus with the Ning'tao/Norgh.