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08-27-2012, 11:29 PM
Its frustrating but its not complete BS. Consider if they did give the 3 Fleet Module discount on your 1000-zen Korotinga, then you would be getting a full account unlock ship, the console, the skin, and a 1-character fleet version, for 1500-zen, less than the cost of fleet ship alone originally, costing Cryptic 500-zen / $5 and the option of selling you all the extras. When they do it on an Admiral ship like lets say the Defiant-R, they sell both the 2000-zen ship and still a 500-zen Fleet Module, then you get all the bonuses and they make $5 over the cost of just a fleet ship. To be fairer perhaps, use a sliding scale on premium ships, so 3 modules off at Admiral level, 2 modules at Captain, 1 at Commander, so they still make their net $5 profit on fleet ship + bonuses, but they chose to do it this way instead. *shrugs* But they're a business and thats how its goes I guess, and isn't much that can be done at this point anyways.