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My point is if you build a torpedo boat, which is why you have a brel...then its interesting to see how much dps you will do on average...the timing has to be near perfect..i do nt see them in pvp...i tried mine in stfs.....its sucked..i dont claim to be the best..but please send a tell to @cptcisco for me and show me in a pvp or stf how well you do. Other than some well timed videos in youtube I just havent seen it.
Torpedo boats aren't about DPS. They dish out massive burst damage. Believe me, I'm as obsessed with DPS like all the other escort pilots out there and fly all cannons on my Fed character.

The B'rel torp boat is very successful as a support/clean-up ship. Once your team have hammered away at your targets shields, the barrage of torpedoes can easily overcome what's left.

Even by yourself, you can still be successful. A fully buffed quantum torpedo high yield spread should be able to take out or severely weaken a shield face. Even more so if you couple it with some drain abilities. Follow up with a Bio-Neural Warhead (shields and an antiproton turret), Breen Cluster Torpedo, and a Hargh'Peng. I've caught many ships with the Hargh'Peng secondary explosion while they were trying to run away from me.

Obviously, with the high burst damage, it's best to attack your target when they aren't expecting it. For example, hitting a ship in a group of enemies that is preoccupied with targeting one of your team mates. Usually a perfect time to attack, even if no one has damaged them yet, because they most likely have some of their offensive and defensive abilities on cooldown.