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08-28-2012, 12:06 AM
Sadly yeah, Just like the Oddy, thers one good console and its NOT on the ship you want to
Luckily for me I wanted the Tac Bortas so it worked out.

I always loved being a tank, and in this ship, I have yet to have an Escort pull the threat away from me. I always have it.

I'm using the LTC as a Tac. With Damage Control Doffs working like they do, I'm using 1 Blue, 2 Greens and with 1 EPTS and 1 EPTW I have 100% uptime and have yet to die from taking too much damage.
Always running Fire at Will, APB when its up, etc.

My setup

Fore and Aft: 3 Beam arrays, 1 Torp

Tac Team 1, Fire at Will II, BO 3
Tac Team 1, APB
EPTW 1, RSP, EPTS III, Aux to Structure III
Polarize Hull 1, Hazard II

Borg Def, KHG Engine and Shield.

Eng: 2 X Nuetronium, Borg Uni, Disruptor Auto Uni
Sci: Field Gen
Tac: 5X Disruptor

Loving this ship. I just pop an evasive Manuvers when Disruptor Auto is up.