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Originally Posted by razellis View Post
If I'm understanding you right that means DHC's do more damage and enjoy a higher chance to proc because of their shorter activation cycles.

Edit: To clarify, "where's the balance in THAT!!"
They'll both have equal proc rates under unbuffed conditions - the activation cycle of DHCs is one second shorter than DCs but the recharge time is one second longer, so you end up with the same proc rate over time.

When you start adding buffs things begin to get slightly different: Recharge buffs (MACO 2-set bonus, etc) will affect DHCs more, activation time buffs (CRF) affect DCs more.

Technically if you're running CRF then DCs will proc more regularly than DHCs... however it's not the greater number of shots per cycle from DCs that does this, but DC's entire firing-time-plus-recharge-time sequence becoming shorter than DHCs due to the buff from CRF.

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