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Greetings, pilots!

"Shuttle Ace" is a series of shuttle-based "dailies" for Federation players. The backstories are brief and somewhat generic as to lend themselves well to daily action, team play and possibly even some RP.

- Shuttle Ace: Starbase Raid (ST-HOF8QMVJJ)
Defend a Starbase against a Klingon raid - Starfleet fighters and shuttles are on your side to repell the hostile advance.

- Shuttle Ace: Tight Spot (ST-HJUGVTSG9)
Check an abondened mining base for signs of pirates that made themselves at home there. Needless to say, battle ensues.

- Shuttle Ace: Smuggler's Den (ST-HSR8L3R92)
Sneak into a hidden cargo stash by the Klingon border and scan the facilities for smuggled contraband. This mission can either be run battle-heavy or as a quick & straightforward navigation exercise to evade hostile patrols.

I found fine-tuning of difficulty level somewhat tedious when it comes to small craft combat - with your Boff abilities and equipment naturally limited in a shuttle, hostile difficulty tends to scale towards the harder end as your character levels. So while these missions are quick & easy exercises for low-ranking officers, they can get quite challenging at higher levels. Keep your shuttle well-equiped to suit your playing style, take a good Boff along and you should always make it in one piece. Good luck!

If you like the missions, stay tuned for more .

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