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08-28-2012, 02:21 AM
Once i saw a Negh'Var 1 shot Kang, it also happened to several players i know, but didn't happen since a long time afaik.
Once i was flying right near an Eng Oddy in a buffer Excelsior (AHCR) w/ Maco mk 12 x2/Assimilated Borg x2 ... a Negh'Var spawned near us and straight away 1 shot'd the Oddy then 2 seconds max later 1 shot'd me.

Also, i am not counting the number of times i've been 1 shot by Cubes and Gates before i finally learned the hard way to never shoot at them/not awake them (cubes) and stay in safe 9 to 10km zone (gates).

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