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08-28-2012, 02:27 AM
Killing stuff left and right isn't very "Starfleet" IMHO. Like this one Episode where you help a Romulan ship vs some Borg and find out later the Romulans are researching Borg technology. In the end, you can either let them go (one option), or kill them (two options). When beaming off the Romulan ship, where's the option to also beam the Borg stuff along with me? Where's the option to beam it into space and hit it with a torpedo afterwards? Sure it would be stealing, but it would be stealing for the greater good and have only diplomatic repercussions. It would be the Starfleet way.

With the alpha quadrant being in the state it is in, it shouldn't make the Klingons mindless killers either, but their fuses are shorter and their fingers trigger happier. The Klingon empire feels relatively well placed, where the Federation along with its ideals doesn't.