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Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
See that's something I do not believe. Pre-F2P the main carriers (2-hangar) did launch a lot more wings per hangar than they do now (if memory serves me right one could have 4 wings per hangar out) while the flight deck cruisers were limited to 2 deployed wings so there is a means of limiting how many wings deployed total per ship rather than per hangar as a universal. The amount launched by the main carriers was reduced because of lag / FPS issues FYI.

You are not taking into consideration how the ship works as a whole. You may be seeing only the loss of weapon slots without considering what the ship gains in return.

1- You have better launch capability and flexibility. Literally, you can launch all 4 wings at once rather than have to wait for the timers to launch 2 at a time.

2- You can mix the pet loadout in hangars. 4 bops = 4 bops launched at once. Or you can launch 2 bops and 2 todujs.. or 4 todujs.. or a mix of combat and support/drain pets.

This versatility is really,really big in damage output and survivability/support capability of the carrier. As a dedicated carrier this would be a defining characteristic.

(one that I believe the fed Atrox should have too but thats another story).

3- Yes, you lose 2 guns and 1 tac slot. News for you: If you want guns there's the Dreadnought variant. The loss of the 2 guns and tac slot are replaced with the sci console and sensor analysis. Pet damage and science based damage are greatly enhanced by SA.

Finally you have much stronger shields albeit a slightly weaker hull...and the boff slots make the VoD'leh a very potent science carrier capable of using a lot of science based offensive and support abilities or dedicate them to tanking. Look at the Atrox as a good example, the science slots are the same and it does wonders.
Yes there is the Dreadnought point is honestly I don't know how many people would want this? I mean everything you lose just to launch all four wings at once. Just doesn't seem like it would be worth it.

But its more than the guns...with a turn rate of three you might as well start your turn and go to the restroom because by the time you get back odds are you wouldn't have made the full turn yet.