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It's not uncommon for this to happen The key is timing and your abilities

When under Tractor Beam, Viral Matrix/Photonic Shockwave, THEN 3 Heavy Plasma Torpedoes hit you... it's a near guarenteed KO, even at higher ship tiers.

Even so, there are a number of ways to prevent this.

First is distance. Tractor Beam can only be done within 5K, while Viral Matrix can only be done within 7K (and Photonic Shockwave only reaches 3K, I think). If you keep your distance, you can focus on the torpedoes.

Polarize Hull negates Tractor Beam, and gives you Damage Resistance (which will help you survive). Eng Team gets rid of Viral Matrix, while Photonic Shockwave can't be guarded against (but it's disable is brief). Beam: Fire At Will and Cannon: Scatter Volley can also work against the torpedoes

Plus, Gravity Well does great work of dispatching them

But if you can't avoid being hit, hit every single Damage resistance ability you have before impact (Transfer Shield Strength, Hazard Emitters, Emergency Power to Shields, etc), plus any other helpful abilities like Tac Team. The stronger your resistance, the less damage it'll do.

Edit: missed Brace for Impact
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