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1. Isolate Gravity Well.
It shouldn't start a cooldown on Energy Siphon, Tyken's Rift or Tachyon Beam; not should they start a cooldown on it: just put it on its own.

2. Tractor Beam.
Tractor Beam is quite devastating in PvP; but in PvE it fails as a crowd control measure and is solely used for the Tractor Beam Officer's Shield Drain.
How about:
TB1: no change.
TB2: same effects, 2 Targets.
TB3: same effects, 3 Targets.
(additional targets automatically picked by proximity, like TBR)
That way, a SV with Tractor Beam III can delay a full wave in CSE or up to 3 Spheres in ISE or up to 3 attaclers in Fleet Events... actually controlling a (small) crowd.

New Space BOFF abilities:
1. Eng: Emergency Threat Mitigation (for lack of a better name)
Effect: self-only buff, enhances Threat Generation and reduces incoming damage.
ETM1: LT, Threat+15%, +11 all damage resistance for 20 seconds.
ETM2: LTC, Threat+20%, +15 all damage resistance for 20 seconds.
ETM3: C, Threat+25%, +19 all damage resistance for 20 seconds.
Scales with: Threat Control (Threat+<Skill/20>; Resistance+<Skill/50>), Structural Integrity (Resistance+<Skill/25>).
Recast: 85s->45s.
Starts 15s recast on: nothing.
Duplicate ability recast: 30s.

Obvious intended use is obvious.

2. Tac: Attack Pattern Xi (why Xi? Because the capital Xi wouldd be a nice symbol over the Ship)
Effect: self-only buff, enhances the critical hit rate and proc rate of all Energy Weapons.
APX1: ENS, critical hit rate+.5%, proc rate+.5% for 30s.
APX2: LT, critical hit rate+1.5%, proc rate+1.5% for 30s.
APX3: LTC, crtical hit rate+2.5%, proc rate+2.5% for 30s.
For Antiprotons, the proc rate increase is replaced by a critical severity increase: +4%, 12%, +20%.
Scales with: Starship Attack Patterns (same as the others Patterns, +<Skill/2>% effect).
Recast: 70s->30s.
Starts 15s recast on: APO, APB, APD.
Duplicate ability recast: 15s.

Resolves the "useless third Tac Ensign" conundrum (but still keeps it a relatively weak slot), brings some variety to Tac BOFFs.