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08-28-2012, 06:35 AM
(my personal opinions of the suggestions)

1. Isolate Gravity Well.

Not sure about that, the idea is your deflector is key in 'casting' the ability, and from a canon point of view mixing particles from when generating either rift could cause some horrible consequences (though tachyon/energy drain i can see why they should be on separate c/downs)

2. Tractor Beam.

Have to say for pve i kinda like the idea, pvp might cause a bit of an upset though.

1. Eng: Emergency Threat Mitigation
Cant imagine how they could implement an ability that genreates threat, (canon wise)

...then again none of the 'team' boff powers make sense, 'casts eng team and a crew of engineers charge up and down the ship with sticky tape ^^'

Suppose it would be handy for cruisers though.

Maybe an ability along the lines of bluffing a weakness? (like how shinzon dropped his cloak to surpise attack dontatra in that horrible film, ((though that would make it more a tactical power?)) )

2. Tac: Attack Pattern Xi

This could cause a hellofalotof bother in pvp.. Polaron pattern Xi = energy shortages for all..

"Resolves the "useless third Tac Ensign" conundrum (but still keeps it a relatively weak slot), brings some variety to Tac BOFFs."

That slot can be used for a torp HY, or a beam subsystem target, not idea, but the third slot is not useless.