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Originally Posted by drailh View Post
Everyone is getting way too "cube" focused methink.

The other day i was in a PUG and it was doing very very well with several 700 days vets (not a proof of anything i know but at least gives hope) and only 1 skittle boat. Edit : and no one with injury !! Hurray !!

1 guy went left, the rest went middle/right (including skittle) to clear BOPS and those 4 with ok DPS then proceeded to fast clean probes.
We then killed right cube in a pure MRRMLL fashion and the guy alone on left side went shouting "idiot ! who killed the cube ? blablabla".
So, being who i am and while we were fast sweeping raptors + moving to 2nd cube, i politely sent this maverick guy all alone on his left side all my regards with love, and of course he went ballistic.
Finally we got the optional with 5 mins spare and the guy sulking/cursing + giving more idiots away.

And you know what ?
The guy had the balls to send me a tell when back on DS9 saying "even idiots have luck" then logged off before i could answer.
yep, that hurts. once had a guy in an escort bad mouthing the whole team (granted, we had two rainbow fart failboats onboard) in ise, and called us all nobbs and said it was a waste of time even though we got the optional with 3 mins to spare
thats why i wanted the ignore list thing put in place- then, you could have simply ignored the up tight *** in question, and would have never seen him/her again.
When in doubt, (hehe) c4!
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