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08-28-2012, 07:05 AM
No worries, most people who check Klingon Gameplay check Klingon Fleetyards at the same time.

The Federation is great and all, and I do love playing my various Tellarites, but to me the Klingon Empire makes alot more sense of how things would actually be. Constant fighting and everyone vying for what little scraps of power they can snag. So the politics in the Empire I enjoy more.

The KDF allows more liberty towards role play, by more easily allowing me to play as a pirate or a merchant, which I prefer towards a military official. In the military you have to take orders, you don't have that freedom, so it doesn't make sense that you are in the U.S.S. Jimminy Cricket flying around doing what you want, however if you are a pirate, it makes sense.

Finally I enjoy the cosmetic looks of the KDF ships much better. The sad thing is, I HATE the Klingon design, so I hate all those free ships you get. I think that is another thing that is keeping the KDF's numbers down, the only ships you get for free are Klingon (and for the most part, not customizeable past coloring). You don't get Orion, Nausican, or Gorn ships, which are the ones that are pretty, i'm not the only one with this opinion. Giving an extra non-Klingon ship option avaliable at each free spot would help the community out.
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