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08-28-2012, 07:29 AM
My reasons:

The allure of being the 'bad guy' (though i guess at times anti-hero?)

Though less; better species choices (never cared for rigelians bolian vulcans etc etc ETC!), having said that nausicans and letheans are hideous. meh.

More interesting ship classes, something about being able to tinker with a BoP or shred in a raptor. None of this Flying Saucer with engines design (having said that the nausican fish are a bit.. bleugh) K'tingas.. says enough

Coin toss between Maco armor set or KHG set? CAPE ALL THE WAY.

Flying in a carrier because it kinda makes sense for the Klingon (a war/conquering/domination minded species) would use weapons of such make. Federation having people act as death fodder in their runabout pets? heck no.. (yes ds9 made it cannon in episodes like the final ones, but so un-star fleet.) But we even have orions in our faction, they are slavers that use carrier tactics! i mean come on!!!

KDF seems more appropriate faction for the style of STO. The federation was supposed to be an organisation of science exploration and keeping the peace. Not waging wars and having the captain of the enterprise being a moron who would more likely shoot someone rather than negotiate. *cough* second wave *cough*...
- Take 'operation gamma' a federation captain can happily murder farek, she is in a damaged vessel with a crew of how many? and the we get the option to muder in cold blood? Completely wrong in my opinion, if we were Terran empire? Hell yes. UFP? Hell no.

Starting Hub the first city of qu'o'nos, fed? some stuffy old space dock. I choose the city ^^.

Playerbase of the KDF genreally (seeing how we need to be level 25 to play for a start -.-) are more experianced, less 'noobish' pardon my use of the term, less selfish in battle (cross healing in stfs), and can almost always string together a coherent sentence
My heart will always sink when i enter an stf with a tactical captain flying a cruiser as if it was an escort with rainbows tickling borg's shields. Or charging into rooms filled with borg like the red shirts they truly are, spamming help!

Cloak, yeah i have to admit, guilty pleasure... stalking my unknowing prey in Ker'ret waiting to strike when they least expect is.. >

To name a few reasons I like the KDF.