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08-28-2012, 09:28 AM
My reason for playing the KDF, leaving alone the one and only BoP, is that this Faction actually feels like Star Trek.

I play both sides, but in the last time, logging on my Fed charakter has become more a burden (zen) then fun. Its all so rainbowy there, the costumes, the ships simply everything. The armor and uniforms could be worn by Power Rangers!

The only thing that connects this faction to Star Trek are the missions.

The best examle are missions where you have to scan 5 clouds in a system....and thats it, done.... oO Star Trek such missions often served as a prelude and THEN the story kicked in, not here.

As a klingon you go out there and kick ass, take prisoners, surprise enemy shipyards and on occasion, don`t safe the hostages^^

There may be less missions but it feels like more freedom