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Hi. Haven't been on STO for a while, but getting back into it, and looking to find an active RP focused fleet. Who should I see about enlisting?

Now is a great time to join our ever-expanding fleet! We have taken on some really great people lately and things are constantly on the way up.

We have a simple application process on our webpage 'here'.

Once you have made a username with our website please proceed to click the 'apply to guild' link at the upper right hand of the screen. From there you will need to fill out a very simple, and quick form to let us get to know you and your character a little more before accepting you into the fleet. Once acceptance is made on our site we will contact you within the relevant quadrant and go from there.

I wish you all the best and hope to see you in-game!

Personnel Officer
Dr. Janos Fuax MD.

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