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This is beyond horrible. Seriously, what made anyone think this was a good idea?
500 of nearly non-existent items for a stupid cosmetic bartender? This is so poorly thought out, especially within the realm of Star Trek canon. Why would we need 250 bottles of Romulan ale on a Federation Starbase? Where would it even come from with Romulus dead and gone?

All that aside, PLEASE get us a new way to obtain this swill. EVERY FLEET that wasn't lucky/fast enough to get to the assignment first and therefore usurp and price-gouge the supply on the exchange, is completely stalled on this garbage. We're a large fleet, but we're not going to continually waste upwards of 180k EC on a single bottle. If we did that for the whole lot, it would cost a minimum of 90 million EC, and trust me, it is currently way higher than 180k EC for Dosi Rotgut on the exchange.