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Originally Posted by momaw View Post
My problem lately is the goofy "Isometric charge" torpedo weapon. It kind of looks like a quantum, but its whiter and crackly, and it can bounce to hit multiple targets. Negh'vars, both KDF and Borg, use this weapon.

I'm using a Recluse carrier. My shield strength is pumped to over 16,000, and I've got 3 layers of Neutronium armor and a layer of Monotanium as well. A single isometric charge can take ALL my shield strength and 60 to 70% of my hull. Less durable ships just explode outright in a single hit.

This is stupid. :|

The basic problem seems to be that this weapon does "electrical" damage, which is not reduced by shields like "kinetic" damage is. So it's an AI super-torpedo with damage rating of tens of thousands that does NOT splatter on your shields like torpedoes are supposed to. Heck I'm not even sure armor has any effect on it. I have over 30% resistance to all energy weapon damage, but "electrical" is not listed.
My problem with this is more that the version we get as players is a pathetic JOKE compared to what they hit us with. Their version is powerful and deadly.