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Originally Posted by trhrangerxml View Post
The reduction in Dili from DOFFs needed to happen, especially with Officer Exchange. Currently a Uncommon is worth 150 and a Common is worth 74(or 75), so if you dump a Uncommon in the Officer Exchange you would get 3 Commons worth 225 dili total. Also it meant whites on the exchange for less then 20k EC were a great option for getting lots of unrefined Dilithium, creating almost an EC for Dilithium exchange (normal price range on those is between about 8k-16k EC for a white DOFF for 75 Dilithium). Anything blue and up I keep, green gets turned into whites and civilians get spaced for dili and non-civilian either get fed to the base or sold on the exchange.
I agree it needed to happen, but honestly this is quite an over the top nerf for the problem. Not suprising though that such an aggresive nerf has been pushed now that Heretic is no longer there and Borticus is on vacation.

Honestly however, they took the easy road out. Rather than just fixing the issue by allowing Fleet DOFFs to slotted, they chose not to take the programing time to parse a difference between Fleet DOFFs and regular DOFFs.

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