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08-28-2012, 03:30 PM
Originally Posted by trhrangerxml View Post
The reduction in Dili from DOFFs needed to happen, especially with Officer Exchange. Currently a Uncommon is worth 150 and a Common is worth 74(or 75), so if you dump a Uncommon in the Officer Exchange you would get 3 Commons worth 225 dili total. Also it meant whites on the exchange for less then 20k EC were a great option for getting lots of unrefined Dilithium, creating almost an EC for Dilithium exchange (normal price range on those is between about 8k-16k EC for a white DOFF for 75 Dilithium). Anything blue and up I keep, green gets turned into whites and civilians get spaced for dili and non-civilian either get fed to the base or sold on the exchange.
So that's worth going from 75 Dilithium to 1 for a White to get dismissed?

There's got to be a middle ground between "EC to Dilithium Exchange" and over-reaction.

Perhaps something like the following?

White: 10
Green: 30
Blue: 90
Purple: 270

This way downgrading has no benefit (each lower rarity is 1/3 of the one you just "shredded"/exchanged) but upgrading eventually loses you Dilithium (5 Whites would be 50 when dismissed, but when turned into a Green it's only 30).

BTW, I'm not using the Officer Exchange costs because I don't know those, so I guess even a downgrade is a loss of Dilithium if this model were in effect.

Aside from White, what were the values for Green, Blue, and Purple dismissals before this patch?